The Business of Photography


Thank you Smugmug for raising your prices

Many Smugmug customers are pretty irate at the company’s recent decision to raise their professional photo hosting service from $150 US/year to $300/year (or $250 for existing customers). Me, I’m thankful. Why, you may ask? The reason is that it made me stop and think and consider my whole online presence and realise I could […]


Welcome to rebooted

Welcome to the new online home for Black Shadow Photography. It’s here a brand new, look , new website and photo gallery system. I need to put a few final touches on the site to add a little more polish and add some more content to be added to the photo galleries but it’s certainly […]

How microstock is ruining the business of photography

Browsing through flickr groups today I came across a photographer who was thrilled that his photo ended up on the cover of Time Magazine. At first I thought well done but further reading revealed that Time bought the image from; an image anyone can download for a 12 credits (total cost $25.25 AUD). The […]

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